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From restaurants to hotels, the hospitality industry is a rapidly changing and growing industry. Our clients are constantly looking for new ways to set them apart from their competition. This is a lot of how TRCE operates today. We are constantly training our staff to stay up to date with new technology to allow us to stay one step ahead of our competition.  We understand to importance to detail and appearance when working in the hospitality market. Our quality workmanship ensures not only our products perform as intended, but the appearance meets/exceeds the design.



We have wide range of experience in government buildings. In most applications government buildings have an extra degree of complication, and to successfully complete one must poses a keen sense for detail. Our knowledgeable team understands these requirements and put a lot of emphasis on pre-construction planning to ensure a successful project. 

Schools/Higher Education

Today's modern educational buildings require complex electrical and automation systems that improve learning and performance. With our impressive background in this area, we have all the tools and knowledge to successfully manage these demanding requirements.

Commercial Buildings

We have years of experience in commercial buildings. Anything from commercial office buildings to warehouses. Partner with us for your commercial electrical projects and benefit from our turnkey services, and superior results


With such importance being placed on modern high-tech healthcare, these facilities require an experienced and knowledgeable team. We understand this importance, and our healthcare electrical construction team offers qualified electricians who specializes in healthcare projects.


Anywhere from big box stores to small retail outlets. You can rest assured that TRCE will provide you with the service that for nearly three decades set us apart from our competition. We have years of experience in the retail construction, and the knowledgeable staff that is ready to team with you for another successful project to add to our extensive resume.

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